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Day 4, Paris

sunny 24 °C

A terrible thing happened today...we were finally in the Louvre this morning and I say to Shane "okay stand there I want to take a picture" I whip out my camera, flip the switch and put it up to my eye. Push, push...nothing. I! FORGOT! THE! CAMERA! BATTERY!
I lost my chance at all those pictures, we saw so many old and interesting pieces. Cameras were even allowed! I was very disappointed. We walked around the Louvre for five hours and all we got through was the Sully wing. We focused on the Egyptian antiquities and some of the large format French paintings from the 19th century as both these things interest us immensely. If you average out our speed we would have needed 20 hours to see the whole museum, that is how big it is.
We loved the museum, it was so interesting, we bought the audio guides to compliment the pieces, which was totally worth the 12 euros it cost as it enormously enchanted our experience.
We ate a light lunch of a chorizo panini and chocolate mousse in a tiny courtyard along with the locals. They say Paris is the city of love and it is not just the beauty of the place, PDAs are super common, you'll see people making out everywhere, they can't seem to keep their hands off each other touching this and rubbing that, and no one even looks twice!
We went for a walk back to the Montmartre neighborhood for dinner and a great view. We walked along Rue Caulaincourt stopping at a fromagerie for the best goat cheese I've ever had, loaded with herbs from within France. We bought a baguette at Le Grenier a Pain, winner of the best baguette in Paris. Spring strawberries at one shop, delicious sausage at another. We wandered a little farther and found macaroons at Arnaud Larher, which were just as good as I'd imagined. Finally, I ducked inside a supermarket and grabbed a few drinks including a single glass of wine in a plastic cup.
Paris is awesome for wine, I've never been ID'ed here and you can find a cheap glass anywhere you see a box of fruit sitting out front, either a corner store or small grocery.
We took our loot to the small park down hill and slightly to the left of Sacre Coeur to eat with a great view and a slight warm breeze on our faces.

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wow love the old architecture. no building codes when this was build and still hanging around after all these centures. and some real beauty int the building that we dont see anymore. makes me want to go to europe for another look

by Herman Wilbrink

Such beautiful achitecture. I just love to see them. Too bad about the camera battery. We would have loved to see the pictures of the Louvre.
Have a great day tomorrow. Or is it today?

by helga61

Yeah no building codes is right, but most of the floors (and stairs) are sloped and everything has kinda wiggled loose. Our bed and breakfast has a shower room and a toilet room, which we thought was weird at first and then we realized it was genius, someone can still use the washroom while another person showers. And mom it is today! We are 9 hours ahead of you right now.

by s-a

Loving the looks of all that food. I see those colorful things in the bottom picture everywhere in pictures are they any good? -Heather

by mommamia

Hahaha! It was after midnight when I posted that comment, so I wasn't sure if today was yesterday or today for me here!
Can't wait for today's pictures and narration. Dad said Alyssa has a really nice way of writing. He is enjoying the trip with you both.

by helga61

Heather- they are SO good! I've made them before, I'll make sure you get some next time. These ones were lemon, pistachio and salted caramel flavour. I highly recommend them.
Mom (dad) - thanks for the compliment, I wasn't feeling to confident.

by s-a

Heather-They are called macaroons. Alyssa forgot to tell you that part.

by s-a

Your pictures are sooooo awsesome! and the food sounds sooo good! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun!!!

by Willena Bremer

Thanks for reading along Willena, it's nice to see you following!

by s-a

no problem...i really look forward to seeing more of your pics...they are sooooo cool!!

by Willena Bremer

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