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Day 11, San Sebastian

sunny 21 °C

We started this morning with a cup of coffee at our coffee bar here, called Ekain, where we ordered the requisit cafe con leche, which is a nice heavy shot of espresso with an thick top up of milk. We change up our pastry every morning, but it's always there. I've been asking when I want the cheque "kwan-to kwes-ta esto?" (cuanto cuesta esto? in Spanish) it means "how much is it?" and everytime I do the person serving me will kind of snicker and laugh, I'm feeling awfully insecure about it, I'm obvisouly doing something wrong.
We walked over to the train station because we need to book a few train rides and when we asked about it the man said we would need to go back to France to make those reservations. We're obviously very confused about this because the station is part of RENFE the national train company. So we're hoping they will be more help in Barcelona and crossing our fingers our trains don't get booked up before then.
We walked the sea wall after this and sat on the wall watching the waves crash hard onto the rocks below. The ocean here is so beautiful it makes me wish I was snorkeling in Jamaica again. On our way back to our room to change I bought a pair of red shoes and two white shirts, for something pretty. You'll see them around I'm sure.
We got into our bathing suits and stopped across the road at the market for lunch where we picked up some serrano ham, a half baugette, a few dips and some roasted red peppers. We sauntered off towards the beach. Once we finished eating we spent an hour flipping and flopping in the sun trying not to burn. We didn't have towels so I layed on the sand and didn't go in the water very much because I couldn't dry myself off.
After the beach Shane took a nap in our room and I tried to sort out more stuff for the rest of our vacation. All this planning while already on vacation really takes away from being in the moment. While he slept I also went for a walk and watched the surfers on the beach and the kids in the sand. People watching is a major past time for me here. We went to dinner a little earlier today, back to our favourite bar, Astelena, which once again blew our minds, it is by far the most expensive place we go to but the quality and fact that they cook everything to order AFTER you select it makes it totally worth it.
Shane was wondering out loud last night whether or not a pintxos style restaurant would work in Canada, and I kindly pointed out that if a Canadian health inspector walked into one of these bars he would have the place shut down in half a second just based on the fact that the meat, seafood and cheese sit out ALL NIGHT for at least 5 hours, there is not really a concept of make to order when you are eating tapas. Your meat skewer or seafood topped sandwich will be there from 7 regardless of whether you order it at 8 or 12. In fact in the last bar we went into last night our ham and mayo sandwich came with not one but TWO dead flies on it trapped in the mayo, how delicious is that?
We really enjoyed San Sebastian and it's relaxing atmosphere. We are going to miss not having a private room for the next few days, you don't know how nice it is to spread out and leave your stuff lying around until you can't do it.

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Alyssa, Shane: thank you for sharing your photos and commentary; both are a pleasure for me to see and read. Acute sensibility and keen observation and alertness to impressions. The sort of people, as Henry James said of someone, "on whom nothing is lost". Happy travels!

by Braden

As Braden said that photos are wonderful and you see Alyssa, the commentry is equally entertaining. You really have to think about joining up with Rick Steves' crew and do your part in his show. Hahahaha!

by helga61

I LOVE YOUR PICS!!!!! they are sooo awsome...again!!!:)

by Willena

those citadels are quite something arnt they? complete fortress. I would think they are almost unable to conquere them. I was always imprest with them for that reason, and also thier location.If you annalise thier srategic location and the trade routs and everything, it amazing

by dad

what if you tried ¿cuánto cuesta? and left out the esto since ending the verb with a or o implies "it". Maybe not its been a while since I took spanish.

by Tashabobasha

love the last pic of you and shane! it seems eating flies as brought out a quirky attitude!

by mommamia

Thanks Braden and Mom! Shane has a good hand in my posts too. I write them and he polishes them, we´re a good team.
Thanks Willena, keep up with the praise, it boosts my ego!
Dad they are sooo cool! I totally love history for that reason.
hahah, mom I might have had a bit to drink that night

by s-a

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