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Day 14 & 15, Barcelona

all seasons in one day 20 °C

We spent the most memorable part of our day in a few internet cafes trying to get our pictures loaded to the internet. The wifi, as I´ve previously expressed it totally shotty. We went looking for a cafe and it took 30 minutes to find one that offered internet. The one nice part about that expierence was the cafe con leche we got to enjoy. After an hour 60% of the photos were uploaded when the internet called it quits. So we left and dropped our computer back at the hostel.
We tried our luck at finding chicken again. The girl at the hostel found us the name and address of her favourite place, she told us they'd be open. We walked and walked, about 35 minutes, before we came to the correct address. The chicken place was closed. Closed. So we took a few steps back and sat down in a cafe for two delicious sandwiches and coca colas. Darn, the chicken beat us again. We decided to walk from the cafe to the Barri Gothic quarter. When we were just about there it started to rain. Shane lent me his hoodie as we half heartedly explored an old castle/town we came across.
We wandered the back streets running from awning to awning trying to stay dry. We spotted a candy store (of which there are many in the city) and ducked inside, hoping to boost our spirits with sugar. It sort of worked, but we were starting to get cold. I hurridly found my requisit magnet,(I buy one in each country) and we trudged to the metro.
We got bored quickly back at the hostel, the place was hot and damp, all our fellow travellers having taken refuge from the wet as well. We elected to go for an earlier dinner. Luckily for us it was awesome! We ate at a restaurant that specialised in Catilatin cusine (the region we were currently in.) After dinner, because it was still early we decided to go for a walk. Down the street we went until we spotted a building that looked like fun. It was called the Barcelona Sports Center, or something similar, which I only remember because it was a mall having nothing to do with sports. We took the escalators to the top where we could walk around the roof. Because it was taller than all the buildings around, the views were fantastic! We could do a complete 360 walk. The most memorable point was seeing Segrada Familia all lit up from a distance. It was really cool. We slowly made our way back tot he hostel before we slept.
The next morning we woke up early, we ate a quick breakfast and went straight to Sagrada Familia. The line had already started forming when we got there at 8:40 (it opened at 9.) We waited for our turn and headed straight for the cathdral. Nothing could have prepared either of us for what we saw. Immediately upon entering you notice the very vivid and bright stained glass, it's to your right, to your left and straight in front of you. The room is enormous. Far larger than I could have imagined. A lot of pillars support the structure but each piller in turn branches off like a tree in multiple directions. The celing is 150 feet above your head. The place is amazing. And when we got there the very last minutes of a choir rehersal could be heard.
We explored the interior, the exterior and the museum before called it quits. We decided to walk again, as we had a lot of time, to our next destination the Mercat Sant Antoni, the largest and most authentic market in Barcelona. It took us an hour and a half but we got there. The market was housed in a gigantic tent, I believe to be temporary quarters. The real market seems to be under resoration. The market was so cool, it made Granville Island look like childs play, and between the quailty of ingredients and knowledge of both purveyors and clientel it really was far superior.
We tried to get some lunch at the market, but the service was spotty at the resaurant and we only got half our order. We headed back to the hostel, myself to find information about our commute the next day and Shane to do a load of laundry. By 5pm we were restless again. We got some of the cheapest food we could find. Just before we were done eating it started to storm, thunder and lightning. Because we had no where to be we sat on a bench outside the restaurant for a few minutes before we noticed very large drops of rain starting to fall. I pulled Shane off the bench and under a bus shelter. Moments later we were caught in a COMPLETE downpour. I've never seen it rain so hard in my life. Within 5 minutes the gutters had swollen on the side of the road, the cars were still flying by and we got sprayed a few times. The whole street was on standby with everyone grabbing whatever shelter they could. An old man got off the bus and we we scooted over on the bench. He starts talking to us very fast in Spanish, we told him we only speak English and he smiles and keeps jabbering on. He talked to us for a good 10 minutes, pointing and motioning. At one point the shelter was so full he was telling young girls to come sit on his lap. The rain was splashing every which way, we were getting soaked from the back and the front. And as quickly as it had come it left about 25 minutes later. On our way home we stopped at the liquor store (read:corner store) and bought three cans of Damn Lemon, a mix of 60% beer and 40% lemon soda. Very sweet and delicious.
Back at the hostel we got all our bags packed and ready for our early departure the next morning and out of sheer desperation I pulled a book off the shelf to read. Having no internet is awful. The book however is wonderful and it gave me something to do all night.

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Thanks for the pics of the inside of Sagrada Familia. I've seen countless pics of the facade and spires, but never the interior. Absolutely fantastic! On the tube I watched the Barca- Real Madrid match that was in Barca that night, and the pitch was all puddles, everyone drenched to the bone, just like you guys!

by Braden

you havent seen it rain like that and you live in B.C!! wow it must have really been raining! lol

by Willena

Loving all of the stained glass and bricks! P.S. We had a huge monsoon here the other day. It looked like water hitting the surface of a lake everywhere, the drains couldn't keep up it was fun. (cause I wasn't standing in it haha)

by Tashabobasha

The light play in the sagrada familia is awesome!

by mommamia

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