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Day 35, Athens

sunny 30 °C

I tried to sleep in this morning, we did go to bed at 0100 after all. Of course it didn’t work, I woke at 8:30. I chatted with Steph on the computer and tried to figure out exactly what to do that day (the answered ended up being: nothing.) At 0915 I got some toast and made some instant coffee. I didn’t wake Shane until 10:30, he’s been getting on me about not letting him sleep enough. After he did finally get up we were in search of stamps. We walked for a while with the directions given to us by a guy at a news kiosk, before we got to the closest thing we could find, a mail sorting station. They directed us a few blocks away and we bought them (.75 euros PER STAMP! SO CHEAP!)
We made a stop at the yogurt place, (fir honey and muesli for me and sour cherry for Shane) and grabbed two greek coffees as well. Greek coffee, Turkish coffee, it’s the same thing. Be sure you don’t drink the bottom third however, it’s only sludge. (And yes Tash and Erin it taste like the stuff we drank.) We decided on a walk up on the acropolis. The views from there are very good. It was very hot this day, with the heat just hanging around you like a blanket so the wind up top of the hill was very refreshing.
Once we got off the hill we stepped onto a metro line and took it to Pireaus port to pick up our ferry tickets. We had bought them online a few weeks earlier and they were proving hard to get at. We asked at three separate stores labeled Blue Star Ferries, how to get to an office that would print them and after a few more minutes of walking got there. The man who served us must have just had a fresh glass of hate-o-rade because he sure was cranky! We were told to be at terminal E7 30 minutes before our departure the next morning. We left 25 minutes after we had arrived the bustling port.
When we finally disembarked the smelly (++) hot (+++) train we were starving and unhappy. After making a big stink about where we would get ripped off the least we finally just sat down. The value wasn’t great but the food was adequate and we ate with gusto.
We left for home, making a pit stop at a grocery store for yogurt and water for the next day. We got our laundry and brought it downstairs to clean. We waited patiently for it to finish washing and when we moved it to the drier we found a nice black pen exploded in the wash. We dried the clothes anyway and hoped for the best. The casualties were few luckily, because all our favourite clothes were in there. We lost two of my shirts and kept (with minor marks) my favourite shorts and one of Shane’s shirts. We were lucky.
We ate gyros for dinner but ended up in skuztown along the way. I blame it on the dog. One of the (many stray) dogs we saw across the street was a golden retriever and because we miss ours so much we had to go say hi. He was having none of it and totally ignored us but because we were so enamored we missed our turn. The walk completely turned us around and suddenly we were in a far grittier part of town than we cared to see. We made it, totally intact, for gyros. This time I also tried some greek salad, but it wasn’t very good. Returning to our bakery for dessert resulted in another disappointing cake, we actually threw it out, which is very unusual for me.
We got ready for bed and had the lights out at 2230. At 2330 a couple who had just checked in burst into the room and turned on the lights. Now I should point out that the air conditioning in the room didn’t work and the door to the patio had to remain open, but it just so happens our room is above the bar. Who in turn was having a quiz night. So. It was very loud and very very hot in the room, it was a miracle we fell asleep at all. The nice couple who opened the door (flooding the room with light) and turned on the lights woke us up at once. And thus proceeded the most terrible night of sleep so far. I must have woken up 20 times from different people and noises. 0600 came slow (and when it did I REALLY wanted to turn the lights on for them!!)

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Oh my goodness you two! What an eventful day! Hope your day goes better today.

by helga61

The joys of hosteling! I was in a twenty-bed male dorm room in Florence's hostel, and at 3am two Italians turned the lights on and were playing cards amidst us all. Everyone pretended to be asleep. So did I until I sat up and bawled them out in a language they didn't understand. I think they got the gist though, 'cause they soon left. Our word 'travel' comes from the French "travailler", and doesn't it feel like work when you are in an exotic foreign place but your day is sheer drudgery?

by Braden

So what stopped you?! Do it!
It would be awesome!

by mommamia

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