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Day 45. Berlin

sunny 25 °C

We slept in as late as possible. 0930. We ate our mondo breakfast (last one for a while!) slowly. We packed our bags (always an elaborate process) and stored them in the luggage room. We headed out. What we didn’t know was that this particular Thursday was European Father’s Day and the schools were not in session. If we had known this we might have skipped the zoo. But alas we didn’t and we are glad for it. Berlin has the nicest zoo I’ve ever been to and I’ve seen the ones in Florida’s Disney World, Vancouver (what a joke) and in Calgary. It’s large, thorough and clean. They have many animals (somewhere around 17 000) and each of them have a failry nice sized living space. Sometimes it made me sad to look at them stuck in a cage but then I remember, they have both safety and security for the rest of their lives. Their compromise is lack of space and a lack of duty. I know dogs are much happier when they have a role to play in someone's life, I can only assume most animals are the same.
We spent a lot of time watching the bears and the monkeys (and chimps and gorillas) whom I’ve decided are the grossest creatures. They more often than not have a private part hanging out in the open and are pooping and peeing everywhere. That said they are also the most intriguing creatures and would sit staring at us as though we were the show as opposed to the other way around. We watched as one monkey stole a baby from its momma. The baby started screaming and the papa came running over. The thief dropped the baby and ran to the bottom of the pit to cower. Weird! We also loved the big lions, and playful little foxes and sea otters always give us a hoot.
this little guy was sucking on his mama's finger like a soother, he wouldn't stop. All these oranatangs has sacks they carried around with them, this one too, she was playing with the string. But the others sat on them and carried them everywhere.
We ate french fries and water for lunch because we had no money left after admission (26 euros total for both of us.) We spent 6 hours in the zoo walking everywhere we could. I don’t believe there is an animal in there we didn’t see. My favourite animals were the elephants. They gave us quite a show blowing dirt and water everywhere. There is something about their eyes, crafty and wise, that tells my they know more than I think they do. I think Shane’s favourite was the panda bear whom everyone thought was a good idea to take pictures of while he was peeing. People are weird.
Once we were thoroughly tired and hungry we left the zoo. We went across the street to the train station where cheap and crappy food is always abundant. We indulged in mediocre asian fast food. Gross, but good. We went across the street to the dirtiest supermarket I’ve ever been in. It made Superstore look hospital clean! It was jammed with people and intolerable food, but it was cheap. While we were there, in fact, three glass beer bottles were broken on the floor in three separate incidents. We bought cereal for breakfast and some fruit, of course Shane couldn’t resist a 6 pack of beer for 4 euro and some sodas and chocolate. Because he claimed it was to heavy for his pack we drank two of the beers in a plaza down the street, talking and people watching some time away.
We went back to the hostel to pick up our packs. This is where I told Shane the Canucks had won the night before, the complete opposite of what I had said in the morning. Woops. We brought ourselves to the train station and got on our night train headed to Copenhagen. Our cabin mates were two old women and one cranky Polish guy. We found out in the morning two of the cabins on the car were empty. Damn it, why did they book so many people to one cabin?

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You have survived Germany! I'm familiar with the northern area, which is not the place you want to be right now, as you probably know, due to the e-coli outbreak. Do not eat fresh fruit or vegetables, only cooked, just to be safe. (Grandpa's advice)Just stay healthy!(my advice) Your pictures and commentary continue to amuse and amaze us as we eagerly check your entries each day. Shane, wearing a hat on sunny days does help against nose-bleeds. Add sunglasses and a few cameras criss-crossed over shoulders and you will be the picture of the quintessential tourist. Have a wonderful time. Grandma

by dini geerts

luvin the animals!!!

by Willena

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