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Day 56, Vienna

sunny 23 °C

We decided this morning we would really sleep in, we weren’t going anywhere by 1100. It felt amazing not to rush at all. Why is this the first time I’ve done this in 56 days?! We took our time getting breakfast ready, blogged and chatted with our roommates. We tided our dishes and our room. We left at 1130 for the city center. We walked and took lots of pictures ending up at a small-ish park around the outside of the ring. We enjoyed it for a while, meandering through it. We took our leave and walked through the center to Hotel Sacher. Now if you know anything of Vienna it just might be the Sacher torte. First created in the 1830’s and fought over ever since, this chocolate apricot cake is certainly something special. I was skeptical, as all good backpackers are, of just how good a 5 euro piece of cake could be. I am happy to report that this concoction delighted and pleased me. It may have been it’s extreme sweetness, or it’s chocolaty flavour I miss so much, but the cake reminded me fiercely of the cake I crave from my own kitchen at home. Even a 15 euro price tag for two coffees and a piece of cake didn’t deter me.
Our next task proved not so simple. We wanted to get to Schonbrunn gardens. Not hard, two metro transfers and we should have been there. Instead it took 30 minutes longer than it should and I’m sorry to say it wore on my nerves. Need I tell everyone again how thankful I am I married my husband? He’s a saint (before 1700.) We arrived eventually and I’m so glad we went. This park was magnificent! Beautiful beyond belief. The palace had an understated elegance to it, none of the (respectfully) gaudy over the top decor of Versailles. It’s outstandingly beautiful and elegant. We put down our blanket, laid and listened to the birds, played with the bugs and watched the squirrels for the better part of an hour.
Eventually we got up and explored the beautiful park some more. There were plenty of waterfalls and rose gardens, though we did miss out on some of it I’d say, with our conversation. Whenever we enter a large gardens it’s a bit like mentally entering a dreamland, we talk about our wishes and desires and dream about our lives like there is no tomorrow. It’s very interesting conversation that we get so into it’s hard to observe around you.
We went home and picked up a sweater before we travelled to dinner. We took one tram, then another and finally a bus to get where we were going. Heurigen is an Austrian wine-tavern that allows only it’s own wine to be served. It also means that food can only be sold from a buffet and can only be open a certain time in the year. We had little knowledge of any of this. When we first arrived we stood in the door waiting for a hint of information, the only person that came was a man with Huntington's (still walking, I might add) who came to talk to us. Not wanting to be rude we chatted him up and then, what do you know, he started evangelizing to us! Are you kidding? We tried to leave quickly.
to fast for us
We sat down at a wooden bench in the inner garden courtyard. I went to find food and left Shane to order wine. When I came back 20 minutes later he was upset, not wanting to screw up my night and the restaurant being out of the “young wine” we were there for he didn’t know what to do. We ordered some other wine and dug in. The food was amazing, best Austrian food by far. We came to this place on recommendation of our hostess so there was not a tourist in sight! Score! As soon as we finished we left for home.
When we arrived we saw that our apartment had filled right up. I tried to go to sleep at 2300 only to be woken up numerous times. Finally, at 0130 one of the roommates came in and started slamming things around, it jolted me from my sleep. He climbed into bed and the proceeded to snore as loudly as I’ve ever heard any human or animal snore. There would be no sleep for me. I got up at 0200 and tried to find the Canucks game on the computer, of course there was none, but we did see that by 0230 they were already down by 3 points. I picked up my blanket and pillow and went to sleep on the couch. There, eventually, I slept.

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Hahahaha! So I read the part where you said that you couldn't get away from the guy with Huntingtons, and then I say the picture below it and I had to laugh!!!!!!!!! I thought that was you running from the guy!!!!!!!!!!!

by helga61

helga thats so funny! i just had to laugh at that comment

by herman wilbrink

when i look at these pictures of these gardens and others you have taken in the past, i come up with one question. why cant we have anything like it here in canada or even in b.c.?

by dad

Didn't have time to check your blof for a while. It's very cool reading all about your traveling days, and love the pictures. There's so much history in Europe, that's what I love about it.
Take care, have fun, stay safe!
Love t jen

by Jenny Jansen

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