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March 2011

19 days

Sleep sheets done.
Rent paid.
Dog food bought.

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So we've finished buying all the pre-trip stuff.

Here are the last of the numbers

Insurance - $340 (ouch!)
2 wind and rain proof jackets - $260
travel alarm clock - $20
3 pairs of good quality pants - $220

Somehow I'm still farting around with the itinerary. (I don't think I'll ever be content with our plans in Greece, I've spend more hours looking at books for Greece than any other country.) I'm getting nervous now. What if we don't don't like it? What if it is to fast, or to slow? Or to expensive? What if we get tired of being on the move all the time? What if we miss something we'll always regret missing? We might never get a chance to go back.

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1 month

Hi Europe. We will see you soon. One month to be exact. Have a slice of cake, I made it for you. Love alyssa

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